PAPER HEART OUT NOW!

“ When it comes to songwriting, PAPER HEART was one of those gems that hits you like a freight train at 1am, hence the opening line. An anthem for anyone who has been wronged in a relationship, this song is about taking back your power and owning it.”

 – Janine Garvey  No PROMISES





If No PROMISES were churning out songs that always sound the same, these liner notes would be significantly easier to write. We could say things like “more of the same” and “continuing to produce the consistent sound that we love so much”. But they’re not – so here we go again.


We’ve heard Eric and Janine producing high quality original songs that transcend a single genre and Badlands is no exception. This time we are getting some serious bluegrass and folk feels with first class acoustic guitar, strong lead vocals and the harmonies that, regardless of genre, are always a feature of the music that No PROMISES deliver. Not a million miles from their previous single, Odessa, Badlands tells another sad tale of loss and despair out in the wild west.

No PROMISES delivering the goods again.




                                    ODESSA out now

They’ve done it again. We have marvelled at how No PROMISES have, time after time, delivered not only a new song but a new sound. If No PROMISES were a winery, we’d be working our way through the red varieties – all similar and yet so very different.

We’ve previously heard the influences of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac.We’ve heard shades of the Corrs. The influence of the Black Sorrows. The musical flavours of Nashville. Now, they bring us a new set of influences with their latest release – Odessa.

Imagine Richard Marx sitting down with Don Henley and writing a song about a town in Western Texas. Imagine getting the Eagles to record it with Stevie Nicks singing backing vocals. That’s the kind of vibe you’ll get by visiting Odessa with Eric and Janine. It’s the kind of song that could only be written about the southern states of the US. Eric’s lead and Janine’s backing vocals take us to the town, to the house on the Avenue and uncover the sad truth of a relationship gone bad.

It is dark. It is powerful.

It is No PROMISES demonstrating their capacity to create great music regardless of genre. It is good.
Typically, untypical No PROMISES.


                                  ASHES & DUST

Earthy vocals, tight harmonies, slick finger-picking guitar and a rocking country beat flow easily throughout this brand-new track.

So different to DRIVE and yet so similar.

ASHES AND DUST by NO PROMISES is another great example of skilled song-writing, top-shelf arrangements and perfectly balanced voices.


Sometimes you bring two things together and the result is bigger than the sum of the parts. Eric Collier and Janine Garvey – both accomplished singers and musicians in their own right – have demonstrated their abilities individually. Now bringing their voices together on DRIVE, we sense alchemy. Gold made from constituent parts. A connection that provides something that is bigger than their combined abilities. This is DRIVE by No PROMISES



                               ACOUSTIC SESSIONS VOL 1

                                                               Debut album    OUT NOW!


                                                        out now!



the first single from No PROMISES debut album
available now


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